State of the Decentralized Renewable Energy Sector in India Report 2018-19

Decentralized renewable energy (DRE) can ensure 24×7 reliable and quality energy supply through clean energy sources to all Indian households and small- and medium-sized enterprises. The maximum beneficiaries of clean energy from DRE sources have been the poor and marginalized sections of the society, propelling their economic and social growth as well.

Like in the past two years, this year also, CLEAN conducted a survey among its members to get an idea as to how far the DRE sector has travelled over the course of the past one year. It finds that DRE enterprises have identified new market areas and have been able to serve 4.3 million customers. Many have been able to remain profitable and have been successful in raising capital as well. The report also found that for DRE enterprises, working capital is the major source of finance for them. Many enterprises also expressed the need for working capital.  

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