Strides to Success: A profile of successful innovators and active investors in the cleantech space

India is committed to contributing to the global low carbon growth agenda. By 2030, India intends to reduce the emissions intensity of its GDP by 33% to 35% from 2005 levels.The focus is on diversifying and growing its energy portfolio to reduce its carbon emissions and support the sustainable growth of the economy. This has encouraged several government and private sector led interventions to accelerate renewable energy, industrial efficiency and clean mobility. Low-carbon transition requires the development of new innovative products, processes and services, presenting an exciting opportunity for cleantech innovators. The Government of India has taken a lead in enabling entrepreneurship through schemes, such as the Startup India Scheme.

The report summarizes the learnings of the innovators on one hand and collates the views of the investors on the other, exploring the complementary nature of the two. Understanding investor interests and needs, along with a clear sense of purpose for the proposed innovation are critical in engaging them.

Innovators with concrete business plans, focused on achieving well laid out targets with clear business elements, backed by strong leadership and governance structures are more likely to gain traction with the investors and in mobilizing funds. Ultimately, the passion, perseverance, resilience and dedication of the innovator, supported by an impactful revenue model and a compelling value proposition, are the key drivers for accessing finance from investors.

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