Clean Energy Innovations to Boost Rural Incomes

The rural economy is broadly divided into two sectors: those whose primary income comes from agriculture (the farm sector), and those whose livelihoods depend on work other than agriculture (the non-farm sector). 

Both the farm and non-farm sectors in India are under-served by existing electricity sources and are primarily complemented by diesel. This gap presents an opportunity for decentralised renewable energy (DRE) and energy efficiency (EE) innovations. To understand whether, where, and how such clean energy innovations can support incomes in rural areas, the report carries out a three-part research study with the following objectives:

  1. Characterising and sizing the demand for clean energy innovations in livelihood applications, for both the farm and non-farm sectors;
  2. Understanding the status of such innovations in terms of their overall number, stage of development, numbers deployed on the ground, and the challenges being faced in scaling up;
  3. Assessing the current support mechanisms and the gaps, in the entrepreneurial ecosystem for clean energy innovations, focusing particularly on livelihood applications.

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